Display and Keyboard Device (DSKY)

exploded view of DSKY


Block II - DSKY


  • The DSKY Alarm and Indicator modules
  • Cracking the Indicator Driver Module
  • Deciphering the DSKY keyboard module
    No known circuit diagrams are available for the Apollo Guidance Computer DSKY. Thanks to Steve Jurvetson, who took this very clear photograph of the inside of his personal DSKY, I was able to figure out how the keyboard module was wired. In this article I describe how I reverse engineered the DSKY keyboard module using only this single photograph and a few technical documents.
  • The DSKY I/O Connector
    This 85 pin I/O connector is the only external connection between the DSKY to the outside world. It not only connected the DSKY to the Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC), but also to a few warning lights and controls on the main panel. For a long time this connector was a complete mystery, but after discovering a few "lost" documents, I was able to work out how it was wired.
  • The DSKY Keyboard